Marina Verde Resort, Caorle (VE) - ITA

The luxury Marina Verde Wellness Resort located at Caorle’s beach walk is made up of two buildings housing a total of 73 premium-quality living units: a prime example of contemporary architecture uniting ecology, state-of-the-art technology, and top-notch living quality. And it is unique: It is Italy’s first six-storey building that was made entirely from wood. All supports and wall panels, all beams and the 8,000 m² of ceilings were made by Rubner Holzbau in Bressanone, using mostly glulam. The only exception is the staircases and some outside pillars.</>

The resort was one of the first of its kind in Italy to be built in accordance with highest quality and energy standards and meets the strictest requirements for seismic safety and fire resistance. It is Europe’s first wellness resort looking to be certified as KlimaHaus Class A+.

Project details

Location Caorle (VE), Italy

Completion 2012

Glulam 1,870 m³

Project engineer Simone Micheli – architectural hero, Florence, Italy

Structural design Geometrician Gabriele Bellinazzi – Studio P&B Associati, Caorle (VE), Italy

Photos Rubner Holzbau