Gaja Winery

Elegance for fine wines


Trezzo Tinella, Provinz Cuneo, Italien


Giovanni Bo

General contractor:

Fratelli Sartore Srl., Santa Vittoria d’Alba (CN)

Size of timber construction:

24 metres free span on an area of 700 m²

This is where craftsmanship and enjoyment, tradition and modernity come together: In the new building of the Gaja winery. The famous winery in Trezzo Tinella, a community of 300 inhabitants in the middle of the rolling hills of Piedmont, was founded in 1859 by Angelo Gaja and produces one of the most famous wines in Italy. For the new building on the estate, the roof was designed in a special geometric shape and realised by us in wood.

We were responsible for the production, delivery and installation of the roof construction made of glulam and cross-laminated timber as well as the associated insulation packages. The roof construction has a span of 24 metres and the building has an area of approx. 700 m². Three different roof structures are separated by skylights that allow daylight into the interior along two inclined lines, creating a unique atmosphere worthy of the high quality of the wine produced on the estate. We used glulam and Xlam panels with a visible surface, as well as a range of complementary materials for the insulated and ventilated roof package. We completed the project in just four months, enabling the building to be finished at the end of 2023.

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