Facades &
Building Envelopes

A building’s facade gives it character and transforms it into an object with personality. Modern facades are complex, energy-efficient building elements made from diverse materials. The building envelope offers a wide range of design options. For many years, we have been implementing solutions in engineered timber construction that showcase the diversity of facade design, both for new buildings and energy-efficient renovations.


Large-sized and highly versatile

We specialize in executing large facade projects for multi-storey buildings and large structures. Particularly for modern hybrid constructions, curtain-style timber-and-glass facades offer an efficient envelope solution.


Our integral planning processes provide numerous benefits. Ready-to-assemble prefabrication saves time, stress-free and quick assembly on-site, and slim elements result in space savings, all contributing to cost optimization.

Building for the future

By combining wood with other materials such as glass or aluminum, we unlock a wide range of architectural possibilities. We prioritize the use of sustainable building materials, ensuring our facades are highly durable.


Our facades meet your energy conservation requirements, achieving U-values up to low-energy home standards. We incorporate modern technologies like solar power and sun protection systems.

Versatile requirements

Facade requirements are diverse, influenced by urban planning specifications, corporate design, individuality, and desired materials. Alongside static loads, considerations include physical aspects and energy efficiency, which are areas where timber construction excels. With our extensive experience and expertise, we understand the key factors when planning energy-efficient building envelopes and facade solutions:

  • Well-designed solar shading and ventilation systems ensure thermal comfort.
  • Sound insulation on both the interior and exterior provides a quiet living and working environment.
  • Facade safety is paramount, addressing factors such as weather/pest damage, fire safety, smoke and heat extraction, fall hazards, and building evacuation.
  • We also incorporate techniques like phase change materials (PCM), photovoltaics, LED technology, and solar thermal structural elements.
  • Taking an integral approach, we coordinate various trades and ensure quality assurance on the construction site.
We are here to assist you with your facade and building envelope needs.
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