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With 6 production facilities across four countries, Rubner is a leading high-performance timber engineering company in Europe. We have the capacity to produce 85,000 m³ of glulam components, 10,000 m² of cross-laminated timber, and 250,000 m² of roof and wall elements. Responsibility is a core value in our daily work, and we provide reliable statements and quotes that you can trust. Our satisfied customers across Europe serve as testimonials to our work. Our team of 550 employees is dedicated to delivering perfect timber construction solutions and reliable shop planning while staying within your budget.

Our Vision and Promise

To inspire on a sustainable basis

To inspire on a sustainable basis: As a family-owned timber construction company, we believe in our responsibility to preserve an environment worth living in. Wood, the primary raw material we work with, comes directly from nature and offers a focused solution to combat climate change. By substituting conventional building materials with wood or combining them in a reasonable manner, we can significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the long run. With our expertise and work, we aim to double the proportion of wood used in Europe’s construction industry over the next ten years. This vision aligns with the current social development’s proactive environmental protection goals. We are driven by the desire to inspire enthusiasm and passion for construction solutions that utilize the most ecological of raw materials: wood.

A Promise for the Future

A promise for the future: For over 95 years, Rubner has consistently promoted wooden buildings, with promising prospects for the future. When used correctly, wood, even in combination with other materials, can demonstrate its advantages. Our clients worldwide have executed outstanding engineered timber structures. Choosing to build with wood is a wise decision.

Inspired by wood.

To plan for the future, we learn from the past. Wood, along with clay, is one of the world’s most ancient building materials. However, we employ the most up-to-date technologies in material production and processing. The material we use is sourced from PEFC-certified forestry operations, primarily in the Austrian “Wechselgebiet.” From there, our in-house sawmill initiates a unique value chain under the Rubner brand. Logs are transformed into sawn timber, technologically dried under controlled conditions, and graded according to defined quality classes using modern equipment. The timber is further processed into glulam and cross-laminated timber. Even the by-products from the sawmill, such as wood chips and sawdust, are integrated into sustainable material cycles, such as pellet production or use in district heating plants.

Powerful in timber construction

The Rubner Group is committed to its vision of “From tree to large-scale project.” As our client, you benefit from the decisive advantages of timber construction. Our internal interface management, combined with our in-house sawmill, ensures the provision of the required quantity and quality of timber for each individual project. This level of integration is not always guaranteed in the industry. Moreover, our specialized in-house sawmill is equipped to meet all requirements, including optimized cuts, quality, and availability. These factors set us apart and establish us as Europe’s leading company in timber construction.

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