Better with wood.

Thanks to our long experience in the construction of large timber buildings, we can boast a large number of completed projects, both ambitious and interesting, created by our engineers in collaboration with our customers.

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Timber construction that combines Skywalk at Humanomed, Althofen
Renovation of elliptical dome Shopping Centre, Curno
A place for art and sports Aquatic & Arts Leisure Centre, Batemans Bay
An award for sporting achievement Eric Tweedale Stadium, Cumberland
Addition of a new office building Sinergia S.p.A., Bergamo
Germany’s tallest wooden high-rise building ROOTS, Hamburg
An iconic roof for the new fish market Sydney Fish Market, Sydney
The first residential building of its kind in Paris Nudge, Paris
Weather-protected walkway in a shopping centre Chadstone Link, Melbourne
Library con­struction in a listed building Marrickville, Australia
New building for the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences / Central Sports College Sports campus for Technical University, Munich
Faculty of Engi­neering based at the Padua trade fair Innovation Centre, University Padua
Show­case project for sustain­able and afford­able timber con­struction Holzgraf, Ober-Grafendorf
Asia’s first wooden airport terminal Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Philippines
Office and commercial buildings of concrete and wood Green Oak, Arcueil