Better with wood.

Thanks to our long experience in the construction of large timber buildings, we can boast a large number of completed projects, both ambitious and interesting, created by our engineers in collaboration with our customers.

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A 6 Star Green Star rated building Aquatic and Recreation Centre, Northcote
Turnkey roofing “Cittadella dello Sport”, Tortona
Un edificio in legno dall’atrio spettacolare Macquarie University Law School, Sydney
Timber construction that combines Skywalk at Humanomed, Althofen
Renovation of elliptical dome Shopping Centre, Curno
A place for art and sports Aquatic & Arts Leisure Centre, Batemans Bay
An award for sporting achievement Eric Tweedale Stadium, Cumberland
Addition of a new office building Sinergia S.p.A., Bergamo
Germany’s tallest wooden high-rise building ROOTS, Hamburg
An iconic roof for the new fish market Sydney Fish Market, Sydney
The first residential building of its kind in Paris Nudge, Paris
Weather-protected walkway in a shopping centre Chadstone Link, Melbourne
Library con­struction in a listed building Marrickville, Australia
New building for the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences / Central Sports College Sports campus for Technical University, Munich
Faculty of Engi­neering based at the Padua trade fair Innovation Centre, University Padua