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The leader in Europe

Rubner Holzindustrie is rated amongst Europe’s leading specialists for solid construction timber. The company processes logs – spruce, fir, and pine wood – to obtain high-quality semi-finished products mainly for the timber engineering sector.

The company is specialised on the production of machine strength-graded glulam beams and solid construction timber.

400.000 FM
Saw Mill Capacity/Year
240.000 m3
of sawn timber per year
of gluelam per year
machine sorting
14 HA
plant area


Precision, reliability, and handshake quality – these are the main features that characterise the cooperation with Rubner Holzindustrie.

The purchased logs are obtained from PEFC-certified forests, mainly in the nearby areas of this densely wooded Wechsel region.

During production and further processing, 100% of the raw material are sustainably used.

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Our products

Rubner Holzindustrie is specialised on machine strength-graded glulam beams and solid frame construction timber (DUO, TRIO und GL24h).

In addition, we offer prismatic boards, packaging products and pellets.

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Solid frame construction timber und ceiling elements

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Regional and CO2-neutral “Styria Pellets”

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In Styria we use your logs to produce quality products for international timber construction projects. From reliable collection of the logs to delivery of finished products, we focus on regional value added, resource protection and strong partnerships.


Reaching our goals is what counts for us. We try to make the path towards our goals as simple and efficient as possible. We want others to fully understand what we do, and why we do so every step of the way.


Unambiguous communication with our business partners foms the basis for the delivery of premium-quality products that meet all expectations, creating sustainable satisfaction.

Rubner Holzindustrie
The leader in Europe
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