Industrial &
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Timber construction offers numerous advantages for industrial and commercial buildings, including rapid implementation, impressive roof areas, large spans without obstructing columns, and exceptional durability even under challenging conditions. Furthermore, timber structures demonstrate high economic efficiency and maximum scalability due to factory-prefabricated construction elements, ensuring short construction times.


Large spans for ample surface area

Utilizing glulam beams in the roof construction allows for fewer load-bearing components, enabling a flexible division of space. At Rubner, we manufacture glulam beams up to 50 meters in length, providing spacious and adaptable halls.

Short construction times through prefabrication

Extensive prefabrication of roof and wall elements allows for swift assembly, independent of weather conditions. The hall can be occupied and utilized within a short timeframe, as the prefabricated roof elements, including insulation, quickly seal and provide weatherproofing.

Earthquake safety

Timber halls offer advantages in earthquake-prone areas. During seismic events, buildings experience significant forces. The lightweight and flexible nature of wood allows it to absorb and compensate for these forces, providing structural resilience and flexibility.

Fire protection

Wood exhibits superior fire resistance compared to other building materials. It burns slowly and in a controlled manner, allowing it to withstand fire for longer durations. Additionally, wood forms a protective layer of charcoal on the surface, maintaining its structural integrity, which is particularly advantageous in industrial halls.

Optimal roof utilization

The roof surface of industrial and commercial buildings offers limitless possibilities for integration, such as photovoltaic systems, rainwater storage, and greenery. Our engineers work collaboratively with you to maximize the functionality and utilization of your roof.

High production

With three production sites in Ober-Grafendorf, Brixen, and Rosny-sur-Seine, we possess exceptional manufacturing capacities. This enables us to deliver large-scale industrial halls with roof areas of up to 15-20,000 m² according to schedule. The Rubner Group‘s own sawmill ensures a steady supply of high-quality wood. Our certified processes and adherence to the highest production standards guarantee the quality of your industrial or commercial hall.

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