Paper warehouse
on the

Expansion of storage capacities for the Lübeck port operator


Lübeck, Germany

Building owner:

Lübecker Hafengesellschaft mbH


Aug. Prien Bauunternehmung (GmbH & Co. KG), Hamburg, Germany

Architecture and design of load-bearing structures:

peter + jan gröpper Architektur- und Planungs-GmbH, Lübeck, Germany


1,425 m³ glulam

The forest products terminal, where cardboard and paper are handled, is located at the heart of Skandinavienkai – the Port of Lübeck’s largest terminal, at around 749,000 m2. A new hall with a roof space of around 12,000 m2 was built here for the temporary storage of paper. To ensure fire protection, the building material chosen was wood, as this possesses a predictable fire resistance – and in addition we developed a special extinguishing concept.


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