Special Projects

Some projects defy specific categories, featuring trendsetting designs, extraordinary shapes, and challenging architecture. Wood, often in combination with other building materials, is ideal for projects that leave a lasting impression and prioritize functionality. We take pleasure in collaborating with clients to develop optimal solutions for architectural challenges, enabling the realization of extraordinary wooden structures that inspire and captivate.


Customized solutions

In architecturally demanding processes, it is crucial to work closely with architects from the planning phase onwards to develop customized solutions that bring breathtaking buildings to life.

Large production capacities for great projects

With production sites in Italy, Austria, and France, we possess the capability to undertake projects of any size, complexity, and logistical requirements.

Expert support

Our team of engineers offers their expertise and supports the entire planning, production, and assembly process, ensuring competent project management.

Individual clients =
Individual projects

Undoubtedly, no two projects in our portfolio are the same. Despite our decades of experience in realizing halls, multi-storey buildings, sports facilities, educational buildings, infrastructure projects, shopping centers, and more, each outcome is a unique structure precisely tailored to its location, purpose, and client.

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