Tetra Pak

Expansion of premises for Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions



General Contractor:

Mario Neri S.p.A., Modena


ZPZ Partners, Modena

Design of load-bearing structures:

Studio Associato Paltrinieri, Modena


Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions S.p.A., Modena


1.730 m³ glulam

The project involved the expansion of the premises of Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions S.p.A. via the construction of a new production building, to consist of three units: a four-storey building for offices and services, a one-storey pavilion for workshop production and a two-storey building for loud machinery and basic equipment.

Rubner was commissioned with the execution planning, production, transport and assembly of the roof structure for the single-storey central pavilion. The roof was realised with vertical steel structures and a wooden roof level. The vertical structures consisted of two rows of ten steel pillars each at the two ends, and two large steel truss structures in the shape of a tree. In total we used:

  • 640 m² of glulam in the laboratory, 
  • 630 m² of glulam in the offices, and 
  • 4,980 m² of glulam in the in the testing halls. 

The project was completed in 2020 following three months of work.

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