Cross-laminated timber (CLT)

Solid, large-format, and dimensionally stable

We manufacture cross-laminated timber, commonly known as X-lam, using sorted and dressed spruce boards. These boards are placed and bonded crosswise, layer by layer. The resulting large solid wood X-lam panels consist of three, five, seven, or more layers, retaining their shape perfectly and offering outstanding technical qualities.

CLT is utilized for walls, ceilings, and roofs and has been a vital component in timber construction since its invention in the 1990s.

Rubner X-lam panels can reach sizes of up to 7.0 m x 4.20 m and thicknesses of up to 28 cm.


No dimensional loss

The crosswise arrangement of layers significantly reduces swelling and shrinking, making it negligible from a construction technology perspective.

In-plane load-bearing capacity

The cross-layering of strips enables load transfer in all directions. CLT elements can be utilized for in-plane load transfer in statics, biaxial cantilevers, or on-point support.

Versatile applications

CLT elements are suitable for wall, roof, and ceiling structures. Their dimensional stability makes positioning easy and ensures accuracy, minimizing tolerances in overall construction.

Customized prefabrication

We offer made-to-order prefabrication within our maximum dimensions of 17.0 x 4.20 x 0.24 m. Our factory performs cuts for openings (windows, doors, staircases, installations) and assembly (rabbet edges).

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