Modern student residence

"Haus am Baum" awarded with the climate protection badge


Martinskloster in Trier


Architekten Stein Hemmes Wirtz PartG mbB, 54317 Kasel bei Trier


Weiler-Bau GmbH & Co. KG, 54364 Bitburg

Structural design timber construction:

PIRMIN JUNG Deutschland GmbH; 53424 Remagen

Scope of timber construction:

214 m² timber-glass façade, 1,970 m² prefabricated façade elements, 1,650 m² prefabricated roof elements, 3,115 m² timber-concrete composite ceilings, 520 m² glulam construction and 430 m² cross-laminated timber walls



Where a building from the 1970s once stood, a modern building now catches the eye, offering students new living space in 110 barrier-free flats – in the immediate vicinity of the historic St Martin’s Monastery, directly on the Moselle. A copper beech, a natural monument that gave the building project its name, has been growing in its centre for centuries: Haus am Baum – Holz im Herzen. Its preservation was central and led to the design of an attractive and inviting inner courtyard.

We realised the building with exterior walls in timber frame construction, interior walls in drywall and cross-laminated timber construction, ceilings in timber-concrete composite construction and roof elements in timber construction. We prefabricated the timber construction elements and assembled them storey by storey on site in Trier, with ongoing coordination with the shell construction company to ensure that the ceiling concreting was carried out appropriately. The timber construction was completed in just six months.

The complete recyclability of the material was important to the client. Large windows in bay windows set highlights in the façade and provide a view of the copper beech from the inside. The spruce wood used inside is also visible and creates a cosy atmosphere. The Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Environment subsidised the overall concept and awarded it the state climate protection badge, as the project combines forward-looking living, environmental protection and nature conservation as well as clever planning, sophisticated architecture and the use of sustainable materials in an exemplary manner.

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