Yama Tani

A Parisian timber-frame building housing 11 flats, is an architectural gem by Kengo Kuma. It is built entirely from French timber.




REI Habitat


Kengo Kuma & Associates

Timber Construction:

1,150 m2 Timber frame; 560 m² Wooden ceiling; 850 m2 : Wood cladding; 60 m2 Metal walkways and wooden decking

Yama Tani means “origami” or “mountainous relief” in Japanese. This wood-frame building in Paris, housing 11 flats, is the result of a collaboration between REI Habitat and internationally renowned architect Kengo Kuma. The 11-unit wood-frame building stands on a very small plot of 225 m², and is distinguished by its sculpted façade. Modest in size but impressive in its bold architecture, the building houses an intimate communal garden and a shared room. The choice of wood for the interior promises comfort and well-being for residents. The use of wood, both structurally and visibly, adds warmth to the buildings and fosters a sense of community among the occupants.

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