2024 Paris Olympics, Saint-Ouen –“Les Quin­conces”– lot D

Resi­dential complex


Saint-Quen (FR)


Uaps – Brenac & Gonzales – Pascal Gontier

Building owner:

Icade – CDC Habitat

Design of load-bearing structures:



69 m³ glulam – 23,592 m² timber-framed walls – 70 tonnes ironwork and commercial metal profiles

Construction of the “Quinconces” residential complex (buildings 1 to 12) for the Athletes Village – lot D – of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The spaces can subsequently be further used for housing, commercial activities (D1/D2) and offices (D3). This was a sustainable project with a total area of approx. 51,687 m².

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