Germany’s tallest wooden high-rise building


Hamburg, Germany

Building owner:

Garbe Immobilien-Projekte GmbH, Hamburg & Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung, Hamburg, Germany


Störmer, Murphy and Partners GbR, Hamburg, Germany

Design of load-bearing structures:

Assmann Beraten + Planen, Hamburg, Germany


over 5,500 m³ of softwood used in construction, interior and exterior wall elements Timber frame construction, ceiling elements of cross-laminated timber

With Roots, Hamburg’s “HafenCity” quarter will gain a further architectural landmark – and Germany’s tallest wooden high-rise to date – featuring two different building sections: a tower with 20 useable storeys (of which 16 are of timber construction) housing exhibition spaces, administration and office premises of the German Wildlife Foundation, as well as private apartments; while there are also apartments in the lower structure on a total of seven floors (of which six are of timber construction).

The project’s gross floor area of some 20,600 m² is to be used for 181 residential units, of which 128 are owner-occupied and 53 are state-subsidised. The use of timber as a construction material ensures a sensation of natural living and a healthy room climate.

For the technical implementation of the project, the Hamburg architects Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR and Garbe Immobilien-Projekte as owner opted for a hybrid construction. Only the basement and ground floor of the high rise building and its utility cores were designed as reinforced concrete structures; all the floors above are of timber.


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