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Timber Engineering

Rubner. We live timber engineering.

A tree needs time to grow and to develop its height and strength and the same applies to our company Rubner. We, too, have been developing and growing over several decades to become your strong and reliable partner in the timber engineering sector.

We use the experience and strength that we have gained over many years to support our clients in sustainably shaping our living environment and our way of life. Being a specialised company in the field of timber engineering, we believe that it is our major responsibility to decisively influence all developments that are being made in this sector. Our beliefs strongly impact our designs and implementation work, and therefore lead to projects, which positively change our life today and the life of future generations.

In our view, it is no longer the question of whether or not wood can be used in visionary construction projects. The question we are asking ourselves is rather how to best use this material. There is no doubt that wood is the building material of the future. We recognised this fact many years ago and have continuously advanced timber engineering development by further enhancing our specific know-how.

Your partner from the beginning.

Forward-looking, efficient, and focused

The earlier we, as timber building company, are being involved in project development and planning activities, the better will we be able to provide our support to an optimised conceptual design for the benefit of all project stakeholders.

A well-coordinated execution design is the basis for specific implementation. Our in-house workshop and assembly planning is based on this coordinated execution design and comprises all structural and constructional information that is required for a timber engineering project.

By adhering to strict quality specifications, we produce complex prefabricated timber engineering elements in our factories. By thoroughly managing the production capacities of our factory sites, we avoid production bottlenecks and delays, thus securing in-time production and on-schedule delivery of all building elements on the construction site.

Due to high prefabrication rates of the building elements, production periods are reduced to a minimum. This saves time and money and at the same time reduces risks. Our experienced assembly teams and partner companies guarantee these advantages.

Our scope of services comprises individual timber structures and multi-storey buildings in timber and timber/hybrid construction up to entire building envelopes. Turnkey building projects are implemented in cooperation with general contractors.



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