Costruiamo il futuro

From On-Site to Off-Site - Industrialising to renew the construction sector

01.02.2024 - 01.02.2024

Registration: Costruiamo il futuro – Dall’On-Site


Sala Gaber Palazzo Pirelli, Milano

“Let’s build the future” is a conference with the aim of launching this topic publicly and bringing together investors, manufacturers, planners, as well as other bodies and entities active in the construction world. The construction sector needs a change of methodology. Factors such as the shortage of skilled labour, the need to build on time and on budget and with high quality, the need for flexible and sustainable buildings and a slowdown in the “a priori” planning of buildings, the industrialisation of processes becomes a necessity in order to optimise resources.

Program: Costruiamo il futuro – Dall’On-Site all’Off-Site