Artificial intelligence (AI) in the spotlight

Opportunities and challenges for a new era

At the Rubner Future Night 2024 in Vienna on 21 March, 150 representatives from the Austrian construction and real estate industry came together to discuss social and industry-specific developments in AI.

‘Digital Darwinism applies again – adapt or die,’ said keynote speaker and AI expert Karl-Heinz Land. After all, the real challenge is not technology, but people. The challenge is to deal with the new technical possibilities in such a way that they can be used profitably and without risk.

Karl-Heinz Strauss (Porr) and Isabella Stickler (Alpenland) impressively demonstrated what is already possible in industrial and residential construction. Legal expert Wolfgang Zankl (Deputy Director of the Institute for Civil Law at the University of Vienna) shed light on the legal aspects of AI, in particular the European Commission’s Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). AI has been in use in timber construction for some time and the opportunities to utilise it profitably in the value chain are increasing.

With the Future Night, Rubner has also created a platform for the discussion of current topics in the construction and property industry for the future. As Rubner, we will certainly make an active contribution to ensuring that AI can be used for the benefit of us all.

Detailed information and a picture gallery of the event: