Rotholz Technical School

Sustain­ability for a school and research centre


Strass im Zillertal, Austria

Building owner:

BVW Landwirtschaftliche Bundesversuchswirtschaften GmbH, Austria


ARGE BME + Adamer°Ramsauer, Wien + Kufstein, Austria

Design of load-bearing structure:

Lackner & Egger ZT, Villach, Austria

Full-service contractor:

ARGE Porr/ Rieder Rotholz, Austria


2,900 m² façades, 1,400 m³ glulam structure, 2,500 m² cross laminated timber walls, 6,500 m² roofing/ceiling elements

The school and research centre in Rotholz consists of three interconnected buildings. Two of the buildings are U-shaped, while the boarding school was designed as an elongated structure. The centrepiece is the three-storey school building with a teaching kitchen and work and practice rooms.The school building is connected to the affiliated boarding school via a double gymnasium. Meanwhile, a connecting bridge provides access to the research and service building. The ensemble, of timber construction, is surrounded by extensive sports and exercise areas.

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