Emilia Residence

Conventionally designed, realised in wood: Multi-storey residential building in Parma




AF Proposte Immobiliari S.r.l.


AF Proposte Immobiliari S.r.l.

Structural design:


Size of timber construction:

total area 3,500 m², XLam 1,180 m³

What looks like an ordinary apartment block from the outside reveals its special features on the inside. If you look into the lift shaft, for example, you will see wood all around. Originally designed as a conventional construction, it was realised in wood. The shortened construction time and sustainability aspects convinced the client to opt for timber construction. The 17 metre high building comprises five floors above ground with 50 residential units as well as garages and parking spaces. The timber used – 7,380 m² of interior and exterior walls and floors – is not visible, so the building blends in perfectly with the architectural aesthetics of the redesigned area around two kilometres from the historic centre.

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