Forest Campus at Aalen College of Higher Education



Building owner:

Land Baden Württemberg für die Hochschule Aalen (Vermögen und Bau BW – Amt Schwäbisch Gmünd)


Broghammer.Jana.Wohlleber freie Architekten BDA Zimmern ob Rottweil Germany

Design of load-bearing structures:

merz, kley und partner ZT GmbH, Dornbirn, Austria


glulam skeleton construction with wood-concrete composite ceilings 340 m³ glulam beams | 130 m³ columns of veneered laminated beech | 3,400 m² prefabricated reinforced concrete elements as floor slabs | 1,700 m² wall elements with built-in windows 880 m² wall elements without openings

A wooden college building with a forest terrace

The campus of Aalen College was the site for the erection of a six-storey institute of Building Class 5 for the Faculty of Economics: it would provide space for up to 850 people and house the central canteen. Rubner was commissioned with the construction of the so-called “forest campus”.

Rubner realised supports of construction-quality beech and glulam beams for the load-bearing structure of the timber-concrete composite ceilings and the prefabricated exterior wall elements using timber frame construction. A new system with prefabricated concrete components was used for the timber-concrete composite ceilings, meaning that only the component joints had to be force-fitted with concrete on the construction site. In this way it was possible to:

  • reduce the humidity in the structure, and 
  • permit immediate access to the ceiling construction

The building structure is distinguished by its aluminium curtain wall, consisting of a 1,440-m² slatted wall system and 980 m² of aluminium composite panels. The “Forest Campus”:

  • covers a gross floor area of 6,900 m2,
  • measures 29 x 31 metres, and 
  • stands (excl. lower ground floor) 23 metres high.



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