“LA VELA +” multi-storey develop­ment on Lake Lugano


Paradiso, Lugano, Switzerland


Ferretticasa SA, Castagnola, Lugano, Switzerland


Arch. Gianfranco Agazzi, Lugano, Switzerland

Design of load-bearing structures:



cross laminated timber (230 m³), floor plan dimensions 18 x 8 m

An environ­mentally friendly, six-floor wooden resi­dential building

LA VELA + is an architectural project that looks to the future, developed in full harmony with its surroundings and total respect for the environment. This multi-storey residential building located in Paradiso, a town near Lake Lugano, features six above-ground storeys made entirely of wood. The name of the project is inspired by the building’s form, which resembles that of a sail.

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