school complex Gloggnitz (AT)

Generous timber and glass façade in interplay with wood and concrete

Huge glass surfaces, flexible rooms and open learning landscapes characterize the new building of the sports middle school and polytechnic school in Gloggnitz, Lower Austria. Everyone benefits from the generous amount of daylight.

Children from 6 to 16 years visit in the school center Gloggnitz either the Elementary-, Special education-, Secondary-, Sports-, Music- or Polytechnic School.

All together come into the benefit of an open learning atmosphere in the new school building . A co-operation of the different schools and classes is made possible by the arrangement of the classrooms on one floor, around an Artrium. Movable walls, market places and a maximum of natural daylight serve the pedagogical principle of learning and working in teams, changing groups or mixed age structures.

Project details

Location Gloggnitz (AT)

Completion 2019

Customer Stadtgemeinde Gloggnitz (AT)

Architecture Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, Wien (AT)

Size 2.500 m² Timber and glass façade larch

Photos Michael Liebert

Daylight keeps awake

huge glass surfaces illuminate the building optimally

As a climate alliance school, the idea of sustainability in Gloggnitz is not only firmly anchored in the school culture, but is also reflected in the choice of materials and technology for the new school building.

Active room ventilation guarantees optimal air quality in the classrooms, which increases concentration and productivity.

A woodchip heating system is part of the ecologically and technically sophisticated building services. Air humidity, temperature, light and acoustics are perfectly coordinated and create a pleasant room climate.

The use of exclusively natural materials completes the ecological concept.

With 2,500 m² of timber and glass façades as a post and beam construction in larch wood, we do our part.

Larch glulam profiles of 50-60 mm x 120, 160 or 200 mm depth were manufactured at the Rubner Holzbau plant in Ober-Grafendorf and equipped with a RAICO glazing system ready for installation.

The assembly of the façade with its sometimes enormous glass dimensions - also as fire protection glazing - took place from May 2018 to January 2019.

The building was completed in September 2019.