Hospital, Böblingen DE


The existing complex of buildings was originally built in 2004 and has now been expanded by 8,000 cubic metres.

The expansion included new patient rooms that increase the hospital’s total capacity by some 42 units as well as common rooms and dedicated specialty rooms. Within the framework of this turnkey project, Rubner Objektbau added two floors on top of the existing building of the Center for Paediatric Psychiatry.

The project presented a variety of technical, human, and organisational challenges, seeing as the construction had to be completed without affecting the hospital’s daily work and routines. We successfully completed the expansion working discreetly and without disturbing the patients or impairing their recovery.

The timber structure consists of 885 square metres of building walls, 1,018 square metres of supporting interior walls, and 2,563 square metres of glulam strip ceilings with a thickness of 16 to 28 centimetres. The assembly of the timber structure was completed in no more than 45 work days.

Project details

Client Zentrum für Psychiatrie Calw - Klinikum Nordschwarzwald DE

Location Böblingen DE

Architecture archis Architekten und Ingenieure GmbH DE

Construction time 45 days for timber structure assembly

Inauguration 25th January 2019

General contractor Rubner Objektbau


"Krankenhaus, Böblingen DE"

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