Rubner corporate culture

Our values

Our culture, our values

Corporate culture plays a key role for the Rubner family when it comes to managing and interacting with their employees. To this end, Peter, Stefan, Joachim, and Alfred Rubner have defined values that form the basis for interacting and working with their employees in everyday life on the job and in their interactions with customers, suppliers, and partners.

The Rubner core values

A focus on profitability

Rubner is responsible for: – the customers – the employees – the owners. Continuous, healthy growth is what we need in order to guarantee our Group’s profitability in the long run.

Ready to evolve

We are open-minded, curious, and always willing to learn. We are not afraid of making changes that make our company better.


We are willing to work hard, because we are passionate about what we do. We are motivated, diligent, and persistent. We support each other.


We are honest with each other in all interactions and relationships – with our employees, our customers, and our partners.


We work together and accept and support each other. We put the interests of the Group before the interests of individual companies or people.


You can trust our word.


We assume responsibility. We are well aware of the consequences of our decisions for our future.

The Rubner action agreements

The Rubner values are at the heart of each and every interaction with Rubner and define the relationship with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. To highlight the key role of the Rubner core values for our corporate culture, they were defined in what we call action agreements.

The direct managers will discuss these action agreements with all new employees during their hiring interviews. Both parties will then sign the agreement to clearly state that they fully commit themselves to these agreements. As a result, action agreements are not unilateral – each and every employee, independent of rank and role, can refer to these agreements in their everyday interactions on the job.

The jointly defined attitudes and values help all managers and employees shape Rubner as a group, thus significantly contributing to profitability and sustainable value creation.

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