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For the Rubner family, corporate culture plays a fundamental role in the way employees are treated and managed. For this reason, employer promises, values and action agreements have been defined, which form the basis for the daily cooperation of the employees with each other and in their behaviour towards customers, suppliers and partners.

Our employer promise

Just as every tree is unique, so is each and every one of us. We value all the different personalities with their individual strengths and potentials.

Connected in a meaningful way, we use this natural diversity to grow healthily together. Shared values, clear attitudes and a wealth of experience form our stable roots. Let’s build on this and make the best of it together – for the benefit of people and nature.

Reliable and straight­forward

We get to the heart of things and concentrate on the essentials: on the sensible use of the valuable raw material wood and the best possible implementation of the projects that we are allowed to design individually. Reliability, precision, honesty and mutual respect are the mainstays of our cooperation with customers, business partners and among us employees. As a family-run company with many years of experience, we know the power of community: you can rely on our word!

The Rubner
Action agree­ments

Shared values. Shared attitudes.

Every new employee discusses the action agreements with his or her direct supervisor before signing the employment contract. This allows the common expectations for future cooperation to be discussed and agreed upon. The agreements are then signed by both sides as a sign of mutual agreement. It is therefore not a one-sided agreement – every employee can refer to this action agreement in their daily dealings with each other within the entire Rubner Group.

“Working at Rubner means working with great colleagues in a friendly and supportive environment. Our everyday life on the job means challenging tasks, a passion for timber construction, and an atmosphere defined by mutual respect.”

Regional Sales Manager

“I first heard about Rubner at the Pyramidenkogel viewing tower. I don’t regret joining this family business firmly rooted in South Tyrol; quite the contrary: The atmosphere at work, the team spirit, and the technical equipment are ideal.”


“The corporate culture at Rubner is not just written on paper, but really lived. The way we deal with each other is open and honest, and if my boss doesn’t stick to the agreements we have made, I can bring it up with him just as openly as I do with my colleagues”.


Wood be the best

Make the most of yourself!

Your career at Rubner