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Building the world
of tomorrow with wood

What we work with

Stefan Rubner

Geschäftsführer, CEO Rubner Holzindustrie

We know where our wood comes from. We know the forests and landscapes, as well as the people behind them – because we are in direct contact with the suppliers and the forest owners. This allows us to ensure that the valuable raw material for our projects is always the result of ecologically and socially sustainable forest management.

Produced regionally,
installed globally

Sustainably managed forests are the starting point of our journey through the diverse world of wood as a material – a path that leads from the tree to the finished timber construction project and which, at Rubner, we keep consistently short:

  • Our lumber mill produces the cut timber that forms the starting material for the production of glulam, cross-laminated timber, solid wood panels, structural frame timber, as well as prefabricated building elements in the form of load-bearing structures or wall, ceiling and roof elements.
  • Our locations in Italy, Austria, Germany and France use this timber to build single-family and multi-family houses, high-rise and industrial buildings, as well as individual large-scale projects.

Windows and doors complete the Rubner Group’s product portfolio.

Everything from a single source

From raw materials to finished buildings, we combine all processes and production steps in a seamlessly organised, innovative and ecologically sustainable value chain. An approach that is unique in Europe – and guarantees not only maximum transparency concerning the origin, quality and processing of our wood but also optimal planning capability and security of supply.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to all areas that complement production, prefabrication and logistics: we provide you with competent and individual advice, work with you to develop suitable solution proposals and supervise your project from the consultation, calculation and planning phase to construction site management and qualified assembly to the final inspection – and beyond.

Produced regionally,
installed globally

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