The Rubner Group

A passion for wood

Verkaufsgespräch in der Rubner Türenwelt in Kiens

The Rubner Group

Joint action for joint goals.

Decades of experience and premium performance made Rubner the leading expert for customised timber construction solutions. Our work is based on a common vision shared by our staff and defining our work every step of the way, forming the basis for all measures and decisions to be taken in our company: our passion for wood.

Stefan Rubner

“Since 1926, our business has been all about flexibility and customisation to find individual timber construction solutions.”

Stefan Rubner

Our company philosophy

We firmly believe that we can make a difference in the construction industry and boost sustainability by raising awareness in our society for wood as a construction material that allows for healthier spaces of living while preserving our environment and nature at the same time.

That is why we advocate the use of wood as a material as well as sustainable forest management. We work hard to make our products better every step of the way and develop new technology solutions that allow us to set ever higher standards in the timber construction business.
After all, we are responsible for our environment, our staff, suppliers, customers, and partners.

Our brand’s core values are true to this vision and are characteristic for the trust people put in Rubner as a brand; values which are firmly shared by all our companies – Rubner Holzindustrie, Nordpan Rubner, Rubner Haus, holzius, Rubner Objektbau, Rubner Holzbau, Rubner Türen.

Baum mit eingeritztem Herz

Rubner – a success story

For more than 90 years now, the Rubner Group has been a successful player in the wood and timber construction business. It all started back in 1926, when Josef Rubner Sr. built the first water-powered saw mill in Chienes, thus laying the foundations for an impressive company history ...

From 1926 to today ...

1926     Josef Rubner Sr. built the first water-powered saw mill in Chienes, Italy, thus laying the foundations for what was to become the Rubner Group.

1960     Josef Rubner’s sons – Paul, Pepe, and Hermann – join their father’s timber business. Entrepreneurial spirit soon led to an expansion of the family business.

1964     Early wood door production in Chienes, Italy

1966     Early Rubner log home production in Chienes, Italy

1974     Founding the Holzbau company in Bressanone, Italy, and start of glued laminated tiber production.

Betriebsgelände der Rubner Haus im Jahr 1972

1985     Start of timber frame-based low-energy homes in Chienes, Italy(I)

1994     Acquisition of Nordpan, a particle board and solid wood panel manufacturer in Olang, Italy

1996     Acquisition of a panel factory in Rohrbach an der Lafnitz, Austria, and founding of Rubner Holzindustrie. Expansion of existing factory and conversion to a modern saw mill

2004/05 Death of the three founders and brothers Paul, Pepe, and Hermann Rubner

2005     The third generation, Stefan, Peter, Joachim, and Alfred Rubner, takes over the Rubner business

2006     Acquisition of Glöckl Holzbau in Ober-Grafendorf, Austria, and investment in a glued laminated timber production line

Inauguration of the new Rubner Haus company building and of Rubner Erlebniswelt in Chienes, Italy

Peter, Stefan, Joachim und Alfred Rubner

2007     Foundation of Rubner Objektbau in Chienes, Italy, to manage large turnkey timber construction projects

Participation in the Reinverbund GmbH company, a manufacturer of glue- and metal-free solid wood homes in Prato allo Stelvio, Italy. Inclusion in the Rubner Group product portfolio under the brand name soligno.

2008     Expansion of solid wood panel manufacturing with the foundation of the Nordpan solid wood panel factory in Strassen, East Tyrol, Austria

2010     Foundation of Rubner SAS sales and consultancy in France

2012     Foundation of Rubner Holzbau sales and consultancy in Augsburg, Germany

2013     Brand relaunch: All Rubner Group companies become part of the new Rubner umbrella brand.

2014     Expansion of the company headquarters and opening of Rubner Holzperspektiven and Rubner Türenwelt in Chienes, Italy

2016     Strategic reframing turns Reinverbund GmbH into holzius GmbH, and soligno into holzius.

2019     Rubner Group acquires Vaninetti SaS as production site in France

Vogelperspektive auf das Firmengelände von Rubner in Kiens

Rubner Group facts & figures

Decades of experience and premium performance have made Rubner the leading expert for customised timber construction solutions – with several associated companies spread across different locations in various countries all around the globe. Join us for a tour of Rubner’s fascinating world of figures ...

Hermann Rubner Foundation

Create value. Preserve value.

Hermann Rubner played a key role in shaping the Rubner Group. His vision and great sense for successful business transactions turned him into a role model for many people he knew during his lifetime and who had the pleasure of working with him. His entrepreneurial spirit and his vision to help people without shouting it from the rooftops are the qualities that Hermann Rubner was known for.

On the occasion of his first anniversary on 29 November 2005, a private foundation was set up to to keep up this spirit and follow in the steps of his actions.