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Are you looking for the right job for you? We have a wide range of job profiles in the various divisions. Browse through the divisions or take a look at our current job advertisements to see if there is something for you.

Technical sales/customer advice

Your core tasks include establishing contacts, project acquisition, project development, pricing and maintaining contact with our customers. Customer consulting is all about finding individual solutions for the needs and wishes of our customers. Our goal is always to ensure that our clients are satisfied – both during the consultation process and after completion of the project. We advise on the planning of all building projects made of wood.


In purchasing, you are responsible for the procurement of raw materials, materials and tools. This also includes selecting suppliers and negotiating prices and conditions. An important factor in purchasing is always the quality of the products. Here we make sure that only high-quality materials are purchased to ensure high product quality. Sustainability also plays a major role in purchasing.

Structural planning/statics

As a civil engineer, you ensure the correct, structural execution of building projects, while as a structural engineer, you plan the supporting structures and prepare verifiable structural calculations, deal with questions of building physics and plan the usability of the various materials, taking into account the relevant standards and technical regulations. You also write technical documentation and support the sales department in the preparation of quotations.

Technical office/work preparation

In the work preparation department, you plan and coordinate all the necessary steps to ensure the smooth production of the various components. Your core task is to draw up production and execution plans on schedule, taking into account the relevant standards and technical regulations in the national and international environment, and to procure all the necessary materials and tools.


In production, the various steps are run through to produce high-quality and durable products. In production, the raw material is first carefully selected and checked for quality. Then the wood is processed with modern machines such as saws, planing machines or 5-axis CNC joinery systems. Since a high degree of prefabrication is possible in timber construction in particular, individual components are also prefabricated in production. In our group companies, you can work in production as a wood technician, carpenter, joiner, electrical technician, mechatronics technician, mechanical engineering technician or hydraulics technician.


In assembly, you set up the prefabricated components on site and finish our high-quality products. You will work hand in hand with carpenters, joiners, painters and electrical engineers. Precision, experience and craftsmanship are essential.

Project management

In project management, you coordinate the planning and implementation of construction projects. Your tasks include, for example, working with architects and building owners to understand their requirements for the building and to be able to take them into account in the planning. As a project manager, you are also responsible for adhering to deadlines, quality and budget specifications. In addition to customer satisfaction, you also keep a close eye on the profitability of the projects through continuous cost control.


The IT department basically manages the entire IT landscape of the group: you can specialise in various areas from network technology and IT security to process management, production connections and application development. At the help desk, you are also the first point of contact for our employees in the various companies when it comes to setting up workstations and solving IT problems.


Our purchasing staff are responsible for identifying, selecting and procuring the necessary raw materials, resources and services to ensure an optimum production process. They negotiate fair purchasing conditions for high-quality materials with suppliers from different industries at various locations. Particular attention is paid to sustainability and punctual delivery.


Our controlling staff monitor essential key figures and budgets and prepare reports and forecasts that will serve as the basis for strategic and operational decisions. They review and optimise the company’s financial performance, support operational activities and ensure that long-term planning can be adapted to market dynamics.


What is the most important factor that will set a company on the road to success? Its people! It is the task of the HR staff to identify the right individuals for the jobs advertised from their profiles, then to inspire them for Rubner’s world and accompany them during the onboarding process. Working closely with the respective management staff, they help to create an inclusive and inspiring working environment.


The marketing team is responsible for developing and implementing both offline and online branding strategies and advertising campaigns, thus not only targeting potential customers but also voicing the stories and values of the Rubner Group. In addition, data is analysed and customer feedback is evaluated. The aim of marketing is to drive demand, increase Rubner’s visibility and, last but not least, generate new inquiries.


The administration department has the task of organising the working environment in the best possible way, thus guaranteeing operational efficiency. The administrative staff have responsibility for accounting matters, managing administrative affairs and ensuring that regulations and company guidelines are always observed. We welcome applications from anyone who wishes to assist us in this essential area!

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Are you looking for the right job for you? We have a wide range of job profiles in the various divisions. Browse through the divisions or look at our current job advertisements to see if there is something for you. If not, why not send us an unsolicited application and we’ll work with you to find out which department and position might suit you.

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