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Like a travel diary

Project Magra

Can a home be both a safe and welcoming refuge and a travel diary, ready to be continually filled with new adventures? The beautiful wooden house of Rosalba and Gian Paolo proves it.

Like a magical travel diary, each element tells a story, relived together. Exotic and local plants, luxuriant sprouts, the dog Rocco and the cat Lulù: everything speaks of rebirth, of life, of love for what is different from us. It is a house that gives hope, suggesting new ways of experiencing spaces, of inhabiting the world with respect for nature and for every living thing that inhabits it.

“We chose finishing stage “Experience” so that we could be followed in the fundamental aspects of the house and be able to devote ourselves to furnishing it as we liked. In the choice of materials in the Boutique in Chienes, we were very much helped by the Rubner Haus consultant, who revealed extraordinary expertise, including tecnical competences.”

Rosalba e Gian Paolo, owner

Rosalba e Gian Paolo,

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