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Living in a
healthy environ­ment

Healthy indoor climate

The indoor climate is an essential component of the housing quality and comfort. Natural building materials, vapour-permeable wall systems ensuring an optimal cold and heat protection, as well as a moisture-regulating construction create a pleasant and healthy climate in your Rubner house – tested and confirmed by continuous ambient air measurements.

Comfort and

The best indoor climate
for your well-being

A better indoor climate - verifiable

In order to constantly test and guarantee the indoor air quality of a Rubner house, the formaldehyde concentration and other components and pollutants of the room air are checked in real time through continuous ambient air measurements. This is also guaranteed by TÜV SÜD.

Feel comfortable and safe

In many parts of Europe, the soil gas radon is present. Rubner Haus counteracts it with the standard installation of a protective film in the foundation plate.

Breathable and dry

A vapour-permeable construction improves the indoor climate considerably. It also reduces the risk of mould forming in the airtight new building. The wooden house breathes, and the wall stays dry thanks to vapour-permeable components, such as the natural Rubner Haus building materials like wood and cork.

High-quality thermal insulation

In summer as well as in winter – A Rubner house offers you a pleasant cool climate even on hot summer days. The wall and roof structure (phase shift) takes advantage of the material-specific properties exactly in the right place: the summer heat is kept outside, while there is a comfortable room climate inside.


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