Jean-Louis Etienne school building

A school between city and country­side


Coupvray (F)



Building owner:

Val d’Europe Agglomération

Load-bearing structure:



220 m³ glulam structure, 1,635 m² timber-framed walls, 1,170 m² timber façade, 347 m solar protection made of timber

The Jean-Louis Etienne School is housed in a building located in an area that borders both city and countryside: its stone façades open up to the natural world, creating an intimate and protective environment where children can feel entirely comfortable and safe. Sixteen classrooms, a canteen area, a sports field and a multi-purpose hall that are also accessible outside school hours were built around the inner courtyards. The structure was planned like a large atrium with a wooden canopy and soft curves, giving wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. Stone and wood blend harmoniously here.

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