The Panorama Giustinelli luxury apartment complex, Trieste - ITA

The Panorama Giustinelli luxury apartment complex in Trieste, Italy, is a path-breaking and unique construction project in Italy consisting of six all-timber storeys (with the exception of staircases and lift wells) on a total surface area of 2,900 m² designed to meet energy class KlimaHaus A+, i.e., the highest possible energy efficiency standards.

The supporting timber construction equipped for utmost seismic safety mainly rests on girders and supports made from glulam. The individual ceiling constructions are made from horizontal glulam beams responsible for deflecting the horizontal loads to the centrally positioned cores of the building. This innovative solution allowed Rubner Holzbau in Bressanone to reduce the space needed for the construction of the complex while still meeting the strict legal requirements (Eurocode 5). This also frees up space for the integration of noise and heat insulation installations.

Project details

Location Trieste, Italy

Glulam 600 m³

Exterior walls 2,600 m² from timber

Interior walls 3,700 m² from timber

Ceilings 2,800 m² from timber

Client Epoca s.r.l., Triest, Italien

Photos Epoca s.r.l., Trieste, Italy