Data Centre Champs-sur-Marne

five-storey timber building in France

Within a period of only four months, all timber engineering works for the new Celeste Data Centre in Champs-sur-Marne were concluded. Rubner Construction Bois executed the entire structure for this new timber building.

More than 30 new jobs are offered in this second, 19 metres high and box-shaped building of the ecological Celeste Data Centre, which is linked to the existing building on the neighbouring premise by a continuously glazed metal sidewalk.

The CLT panels were used in this sidewalk since they support cantilevered, point-supported constructions and allow the implementation of this type of structures.

The entire timber construction of the building was covered by a dark black metal cladding to be identical with the already existing company building.

By using this exterior building design, the company complex enters into a dialogue with the neighbouring forest strip, which separates the building from the adjacent motorway and almost hides the Celeste building.

Project details

Location Champs-sur-Marne (FR)

Completion 2019

Customer Celeste, Champs-sur-Marne (FR)

Architecture ENIA Architectes, Montreuil (FR)

Structural Engineering S2T, Sèvres (FR)

Size 110 m³ Glulam, 200 m³ X-Lam/ CLT, 1,050 m² Wall elements

Credits Epaillard+Machado Photographie

The persons in charge of the project decided to choose timber as natural construction material, since it was considered to best represents the company’s own values, which are basically ruled by environmental responsibility and respect as well as sustainable development.

All these values are perfectly guaranteed by using timber as construction material which, apart from being a renewable raw material, is also able to store CO2.

In addition, this strategic decision offered some more advantages due to the inherent properties of timber: noise generation on construction site was considerably reduced and the same applied to the level of soiling. In addition, ongoing operations in the neighbouring building were hardly affected by construction works.

„CLT, glued laminated posts and beams and wooden timber frame walls, the mix and complementarity of the wooden solutions produced by Rubner  Group is a real key to efficient projects and effective sitework.“

Alexis Duhameau, Rubner Construction Bois (FR)

clean, low-noise and environmentally friendly

many good reasons for timber construction

The five-storey building was built around a concrete core that has been provided to accommodate staircases and lift shafts.

Rubner delivered the entire timber structure for the building. Glulam beams were mainly used as well as CLT-panels, which - apart from its high static loading capacity allow to implement new dimensions in terms of architecture and design.

The crosswise laminated timber panels allow a bi-axial load transfer, which up to now, had been exclusively achieved by steel concrete constructions. The inherent rigidity and stability of the panels has an additional positive effect on the building bracing.

Thanks to the installed and prefabricated timber frame panels for the outside walls the rapid execution of construction works could be secured, and timber construction period was limited to only four months.

The fact that time was considered a decisive parameter in the very early preliminary project stage was owed to digitalisation. In order to optimise data transfer and to offer higher data transfer speed in the information exchange with the parties involved in the project, i.e. design office, responsible architects and executing building companies, digital tools were installed for this data centre construction site.

Once the execution design had been completed by Rubner construction bois, the employees started with the production of the timber elements, delivered them to the Celeste head office premises and assembled the individual elements on site.

Nicolas Aubé, the founder of the Celeste company, was highly pleased to observe the largely clean timber construction works since he does not want to be part of the polluting industry.