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At Rubner, we are passionate about timber engineering. Just as a tree needs time to grow and develop, we have spent decades building our expertise and becoming a strong and reliable partner in the timber engineering sector. Our experience and strength enable us to support our clients in shaping our living environment sustainably. As a specialized company in engineered timber constructions, we believe it is our responsibility to drive developments in this sector. Our beliefs strongly influence our designs and implementation work, leading to projects that positively impact our lives today and for future generations.

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Our values, your benefit.

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Rubner is synonymous with reliability and quality. We prioritize honesty, precision, partnership-based cooperation, mutual respect, and appreciation in our relationships with business partners and employees. You can trust us to deliver on our promises.

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As a family-owned company with nearly a century of existence, we prioritize long-term thinking over short-term trends. Our motivation is to develop sustainable solutions and durable products that will endure for many generations.

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We have the expertise to overcome challenges, as evidenced by our satisfied clients and outstanding projects worldwide. While being Europe’s leading timber engineering company, we approach each new project with the necessary diligence, combining confidence with a down-to-earth attitude.

Constantly Evolving

To ensure long-term success, we embrace forward thinking. We invest in research, development, and innovation, positioning ourselves as leaders in timber construction. Through new technologies and employee specialization, we provide pioneering and groundbreaking services.

Our work is dedicated to the benefit of people. We strive to offer exceptional services and demonstrate the limitless creative design possibilities of timber. This mindset drives us to develop new ideas, execute outstanding buildings, and create innovative solutions for the future.


“We guarantee full transparency along the entire value chain.” 
Wolfgang Walcher
CEO, Rubner timber engineering

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