Oval roof - north gate

Entrance area with high recognition value


Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Ingo Schrader, Berlin, Germany

Building owner:

Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Design of load-bearing structures:

B+G Ingenieure, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Client / overall execution:

Prebeck Stahlbau GmbH, Bogen, Germany


600 m² roof shell with white glazed laminated veneer lumber panels

The aim was to give the approach to the Frankfurt trade fair a new entrance area, with a high architectural recognition value but at the same time meeting the functional requirements, namely a roof over the control area and guard building. The result was a gleaming white oval roof, visible from afar, that will attract the eye on the grounds of the Frankfurt trade fair

Rubner processed 600 m² of white glazed LVL panels for Prebeck Stahlbau, the company charged with overall construction. In structural terms this created a disc effect, with the cladding acting as a surface and the wood holding the steel girders. Friction-locked screw connections were used to create a composite cross-section, giving the construction its seemingly floating and light appearance. This clever structural planning and design was also awarded the 2014 German Steel Construction Prize.

For this project, Rubner realised the:

  • workshop planning, 
  • materials delivery, 
  • transport, and 
  • on-site assembly. 

The welding of the individual parts was carried out by the general contractor directly on site under a weatherproof tent. The customised, prefabricated laminated veneer lumber elements were connected with thousands of individual holes to the steel girders to produce a large ribbed panel. The biggest components measured 13.50 x 1.82 metres with a panel thickness of 48 mm. The oval roof was completely assembled as one part.

The project was completed on schedule prior to the 2013 International Motor Show.

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