Like two butterflies on the mountains

Project Garmisch

In the residential area of ​​a characteristic city in southern Bavaria, almost on the border with Austria, two almost identical houses overlook the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze, with its 2,962 meters of imposing beauty. These are the houses that Hans-Peter Volkheimer, an entrepreneur with a long experience in the real estate sector, has chosen to build with Rubner Haus.

Initially the idea was to build a condominium with five apartments, but then prevailed the desire for two houses in solid wood, without glues or metal parts. So, the beauty of the landscape has not been altered in any way: the two houses, which naturally enjoy a spectacular view of the amazing mountain landscape, adapt to the environment and to the style of the surrounding houses, enriching it with new architectural lymph.

Starting from the traditional style, in fact, the project has introduced innovative and modern elements. So ancient and typical details of the area, such as the iconic pitched roof, are combined with brand new shapes for the windows and large openings on the ground floor owing to the sliding doors, which transform the living room, dining room and garden into one space.

Light is an essential element: in every space, it combines with the walls, ceilings and furnishings’ different woods, in light or darker colors, creating a unique atmosphere of great harmony and warmth. The wood also covers part of the external walls, the lower half of which is plastered, to give a sort of visual lightness to the buildings. As if these two houses were two wonderful butterflies contemplating the mountains.

Project details

Location Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Living space 150m² + 135 m²

Construction system holzius + timber frame

Chalets for holiday

"When I got to know the people at Rubner Haus and saw the way they work, I knew that the project management would be exceptional, also from a human point of view. And so it really was."

Hans-Peter Volkheimer, owner