“Les Cèdres” seven-storey resi­dential building

Inno­vative resi­dence in the middle of a forest


Massy, France


Archi 5 Prod

Building owner:


Design of load-bearing structures:



95 m³ glulam pillars and beams – 3,180 m² load-bearing timber frame walls – 1,142 m² solid wood walls and roofs – 2,585 m² composite ceilings of glulam and LVL

For the realisation of this project, the building owner Interconstruction opted for a wooden construction to combine green building with an innovative concept. The underlying aim was to preserve the exceptional location of the Vilgenis Park.

A modern residential complex in the middle of a forest: this building project is in close contact with nature and reflects a lifestyle aimed at well-being, environmental awareness and living comfort.

Rubner erected the entire timber structure and the prefabricated timber load-bearing walls for the two seven-storey residential buildings, including the insulation and the suspended balconies.

The project was completed in 2022.

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