The triangle shaped hotel

Project Chalet Pinocchio

It stands in the middle of an ideal “triangle”, between the Lake of Garda, Rovereto and Mount Baldo, in the Italian Alps, an open-air botanical garden, candidate to become World Heritage Site. It’s Pinocchio, a small wonderful and enlightened place, focused on OPEN hospitality.

What could be the name of an entirely wooden Chalet on the Dolomites, triangle shaped just like the world most famous puppet’s nose? Obviously Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is in Brentonico, near Trento, in the middle of the Lake of Garda, Rovereto and Mount Baldo touristic triangle. It extends for 400 square meters, and it was build with frame system.

The owners, Mr and Mrs Tonolli, are both carpenters’ children, and they wanted the chalet to be built entirely of natural materials, in order to give their clients all the comforts and the warmth of a welcoming, modern and healthy home, open to everyone.   

Project details

construction system wood frame

living space ca. 400m²

location Trentino, Northern Italy


"A Rubner house, like the wooden furniture we make at Tonolli, is like a made-to-measure suit: perfect for those who wear it!"

Nicola Tonolli, owner Chalet Pinocchio