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A treasure chest of
light and memory

Project Ahr

The story of this house in Val Pusteria, Northern Italy, starts with a sawmill, a family business that Linda and Astrid’s grandfather handed down to their father, turning it into a successful business.

On this land surrounded by mountains, facing the river, where the sawmill once stood, the two sisters decided to build their dream home, a single building with two distinct yet connected homes, two independent but close worlds. Raised in the nature, with the smell of wood as a background, Linda and Astrid have always had the awareness that a house built with natural materials was the ideal.

They realized their dream after meeting the architect Marika Atzwanger, who was in charge of the project. Since, due to its particular conformation, the land does not receive sunlight uniformly, the two housing units have been placed one above the other: both have the same point of view and receive the same amount of light, having the same private outdoor area. The interior spaces of this gorgeous house, completely eco-sustainable, are large, very bright, and wood dominates unchallenged, giving a truly unique feeling of well-being: the two sisters have chosen larch for these wonderful interiors.

The overall aesthetics of the entire house, as well as of the two individual houses, is rigorous, mathematical, yet incredibly welcoming and warm: thanks to the wood, which unites Linda and Astrid with their family history, as well as with the architect and Rubner Haus who have been able to make their dream come true.

A dream that is a wonderful treasure chest, full of light and warmth, which holds ancient memories and hopes for a future in harmony with Nature. A treasure chest strictly made of wood.

“Valuable, successful and meaningful architecture is architecture with which those who live in it identify. This project reflects the personalities of the two owners, fully satisfying them, because it was conceived and designed with them and around them.”

Arch. Marika Atzwanger

Arch. Marika Atzwanger

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