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A kind of magic

Show home Clara

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Bauzentrum Poing, Munich

Living space

ca. 153m²

Construction system


Imagine walking in the greenery of a forest, and suddenly coming across a house that seems to come out of fairy tales: a wooden house with glass windows that allow you to perceive, even from the outside, the warmth and well-being that are inside.

This is Clara, a show house in Poing, near Munich, an extraordinary example of how tradition and the Blockhaus system can be reinterpreted. The completely natural Blockhaus construction system, devoid of metal elements and glues, gives the structure an ancient charm, an immersion in childhood memories that reassures and gives serenity from the first glance.

The classic, fairy-tale beauty of its traditional facade holds a surprising treasure, with the interiors seamlessly blending traditional elements with more contemporary inspirations. They are spacious, linear interiors, with large windows that give extraordinary brightness to the rooms.

A welcoming atmosphere, which also benefits from the perfect internal microclimate, obtained with the presence of solid wood. Clara is an ideal home to visit, to understand the magic of the atmosphere of a wooden house. This is what it means to live in a Rubner Haus home.

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