Mediterranean modernity

Project Oria

At the beginning, the owner family were just looking for some new ideas, some alternative shapes and possibilities, different from the traditional masonry buildings, for their house in Oria, a wonderful medieval village near Brindisi, in Apulia. The architects of Insite Architetture suggested a wooden house, and thought of Rubner Haus. So this is how the gorgeous house was born: 180 square meters of contemporary style, essential and totally discreet, contextualized in the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. The connection with the surrounding scenery and nature is emphasized by the choice of large floor to ceiling windows in the living area. In this way there’s an ongoing dialogue between interiors and exteriors, a mutual exchange that enriches every space.

Project details

Location Province Brindisi, Puglia

Living space ca. 180m²

Architect Studio Insite Architetture

Construction system timber frame