Back to the woods

project Lago Iseo

It was a call of nature: this is how the project for this amazing stone and wooden house was born. The house combines two natural and local elements, wood with homegrown essences and a particular type of sandstone. It’s located in Brescia area, northwest Italy, and when the owner, architect Marco Pialorsi, bought it there were ruins of a farmhouse and a three and a half hectares coppice in its place. Twenty years after the purchase, architect Pialorsi decided to clear the wood, and above all he felt that he wanted to build a home on that recovered land.

So the building of the Pialorsis’ family house started. Rubner Haus took care of the upper part, made of wood, as well as of the domestic systems and interiors. The owners’s dream was to have minimal and extremely relaxing interiors, and their wish was totally fulfilled. You can feel the energy and warmth of wood as soon as you enter the house. Claudia and Marco Pialorsi feel a great serenity in this special and extraordinary place, nestled in the woods. An oasis of peace, a land recovered respecting environment and landscape.

Project details

location Province of Brescia, Noth Italy

Interior Design Arch. Maurizia Fossati

construction system Blockhaus

surface ca. 105m², 1° floor

Architecture Geom. Mario Massetti