A special lifestyle

The Moschini project

Feel free and independent. Feel at one with nature. A calm place, all by itself, surrounded by plants, trees, animals and people that you love. This wish of our customer became true – in a truly special way.

A sea of olive trees and a beautiful wood home right in between – a home that met all the wishes and requirements of our customer: A house, all by itself, located in the hills of “Monti di Sibillini.” A home for her family, for their animals, for their plants. Seven dogs and three cats live on the farm, which is surrounded by numerous gardens full of fruit and vegetables as far as the eye can see. The owner is a vegan, and regionality and naturalness are especially important to her, just like the healthy, Mediterranean food grown and produced on her own farm. For all these reasons, wood, an ancient and all-natural construction material, was the only material she would want for building her own home.

Project details

Living space ca. 130m²

Wall system Casablanca