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A promise of freedom

Project Udine

A few kilometers from Udine, North East Italy, between walnuts and chestnuts and the remains of an ancient vineyard, there is a building that hides from view, as if to underline its essence, that of a refuge, far from the madding crowd and urban life. A modesty that, however, is not synonymous with closure, on the contrary, quite the opposite.

The external walls, in an anthracite color that fades into warm tones, as if to recall the earth and the wood of the nearby forest, blend in with the nature that surrounds them, but at the same time blend with the bright and warm interiors. An interpenetration that completes the spaces, a play of shadows and light that opens up to the external gaze of those who can see a precious and never showy treasure. For the two owners, Maria Grazia and Massimo, this house is a “promise of freedom”. True travelers, curious and open to the new, they also know how to appreciate the quiet, and the freedom that comes with it. The architectural design of the house develops precisely on the shape of the letter “L”; “L” as “libertà”, freedom in Italian, and as light, but also as “legno”, wood, a material with which the two owners  wanted to build, after being impressed by the extraordinary sensation of well-being and warmth that reigns in wooden houses.

Their dream was designed together with the studio Turisini and develops on a single floor, an L, in fact, which embraces leaving an opening, in which the interior spaces are articulated with each other in a harmonious flow.

The architecture of the building goes hand in hand with the furniture, with essential geometries that seem to convey the energy of those who enter, in a continuous game between outside and inside. The rooms are welcoming, very bright environments, with wood that guarantees the absence of humidity and a truly exceptional air quality. The temperatures are in fact ideal in every season, thanks to the photovoltaic panels and the cooling system, which give the house total energy autonomy.

The splendid garden is guarded by a precious, beautiful 250-year-old olive tree: it is around it that the house develops and the various rooms of this house overlook. A house that is at the same time a refuge and a starting point, an extraordinary place to recharge, leave and then come back. A quiet point that remains open to the outside, to nature, to the charm of a future to be explored.

“Our greatest wish was to realize a house flooded with light, with large windows and the perfect view. Because a house without light is like a house without books: it has no soul.”

Maria Grazia and Massimo, owner

Maria Grazia and Massimo,

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