The world in one house

Progetto Lago Maggiore

A piece of land in the middle of a forest with a view of Lake Maggiore, and a childhood memory in Austria: this is where Cristina's dream began, before coming true in a truly unique house, poetic and concrete at the same time. The idea was to have a self-sufficient home, in complete harmony with nature, according to the principles of permaculture, a real philosophical and ethical approach to the conservation and care of ecosystems.

The choice fell on the Blockhaus system, safe and free of metal connections, and so 100% natural.

Like everything that surrounds this gorgeous house which has shapes that recall tradition, renewing it with a touch of contemporary essentiality: a vegetable garden, an orchard of over a hundred trees, kiwis, apples, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. And then "fantastic" animals as life companions: like the three "gardener" donkeys, who take care of the lawn, together with chickens, ducks, dogs and cats.


Cristina's project is a heart project designed by Cristina's father, an engineer, and realized by Rubner Haus: an example of how a wooden house can spontaneously immerse itself in mother nature's model, interacting without attacking. Just like permaculture.

Designed to allow those who live there to maintain a continuous dialogue with the surrounding nature, an uninterrupted conversation helped by the large windows and the many openings that focus on the forest and the lake like eyes, the spaces are essential for a balanced life, with gardens closer to the house, because they are more useful.

The ground floor is the beating heart of everything, the most loved and welcoming space. From here you have access to the external space, inhabited by the beloved animal friends. Friends and life partners, like those that Cristina and her family love to host: true friends, who know how to accept and love the simplicity of life in nature.




Project details

Location Stresa at Lago Maggiore, Italy

Construction system Blockhaus

Living space ca. 115m²

Cristina with her two children, Luca and Federica, and one of the five Saint Bernard dogs with whom she shares the 'mini-farm' she has built.