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A space
of peace
and light

Project Treviso


Province Treviso, Northern Italy

Construction system

timber frame


Arch. Pellizzari & Mariano

Living space


A succession of hills, agricultural land, woods crossed by countless paths that come out in sanctuaries or open to vineyards. The Treviso area is a charming area, subject to landscape constraint. Therefore, any house built on the territory must scrupulously respect natural beauty and its codes. So it was for this beautiful house.

Looking at it from the outside, the structure appears linear, essential and uncluttered, characterized by a natural color palette that plays with the shades of white on which the clay of the roof stands out. A style that corresponds to the desire for tranquility of the family, who dreamed of a space of true peace, where they can relax after a day of work.

“We wanted a wooden house at all costs, but I informed myself at length and evaluated every aspect before deciding to entrust the construction to Rubner: I like to go deep, into things, I have to know everything in detail. We realised very early on that Rubner was the right choice.”

Semira und Gino, proprietari con i suoi figli

Semira und Gino 
proprietari con i suoi figli

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