A boutique to create a home.

There’s a new space in Rubner World in Kiens, that will officially open on July 17th. A place where you can immerse yourself in an emotional experience, experiencing emotions and comfort, supported by specialized consultants, while you choose how to finish your dream house.

It’s called Boutique, and t’s the ideal place for choosing the materials and finishes for your Rubner house. To represent it at its best, Rubner Haus chose the concept of Creative Studio, an Italian Brazilian duo formed by Guto Biazzetto and Carolina Espezim. «The French world boutique usually refers to elegant shops and tailoring, which are also called studios – says Deborah Zani, Rubner Haus CEO – In our new Boutique, customers will not only receive an exclusive selection for their living spaces and all the details of their Rubner wooden house as a special experience and as an emotional experience, but they will also receive a complete consultation and a very personal service from our experts». 

An exclusive choice

Rubner Haus Boutique

The space maximizes its 550 square meters, developing on two levels. On the ground floor will be shown the exclusive choice of materials, colors, façades, tiles, windows and doors. One last treat for those who choose Rubner Haus: on the first floor a corner dedicated to partners of excellence, brands such as Gessi, Mutina, Bisazza, Porfido Pedretti, Artemide, Bulthaup or Boffi, Listone Giordano, Lasa Marmo, Roda or Talenti. Samsung, Lasa Marmo, Bulthalp or Talenti to complete the furnishings of your dream house.

«Rubner showroom’s general concept was developed with the idea of creating a boutique, but not only. In fact, we wanted to give Rubner’s customers and partners the opportunity to interact with space and with a logical search for materials in the new Rubner concept».

Arch. Guto Biazzetto, concept Rubner Haus Boutique