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Characterised by daily life with wood

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Wood is a very versatile material with great potential. And we aim to make full use of it, but always in a meaningful way: our goal is to transform the market and establish wood as the first choice in the construction industry. It allows us to create natural, wholesome living and working spaces and, at the same time, contribute to the achievement of climate goals. For us, for our children, for a future worth living.

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Our vision

Healthy building with wood – without compromises

Wood is more than a valuable raw material. Natural and renewable, it can make an important contribution to solving the challenges of climate change. Josef Rubner Sr. recognised the importance of this versatile resource and decided to turn to wood as a building material for resolutely wholesome and sustainable construction. Passed down from generation to generation, this vision continues to form the strong foundation upon which all companies and activities of the Rubner Group are based today – from research and development to the optimisation of work and production processes to the training and education of our employees. After all, we know that our actions today have a direct and tangible impact on tomorrow.

Our promise

The best of wood – for our future

Natural, lively, warm – and sustainable: wood provides us with a sense of security and safety. We are aware of its strengths, from the powerful tree to the cosy home or the innovative workspace. And we also know its limits. That’s why we use this versatile raw material responsibly and prudently, carefully optimising its processing and using as many of its parts as possible. For nature, for people – for the future.

Our values

Reliable and straightforward

We get to the heart of things and concentrate on what matters: the sensible use of wood as a valuable raw material and the best possible implementation of the projects that we individually design for you.
Reliability, precision, honesty and mutual respect are the cornerstones of our working relationships with our customers, business partners and employees. As a family-run company with many years of experience, we know the power of community: you can rely on us.

Our path to success in timber

Company history

For more than 90 years now, the Rubner Group has been a successful player in the wood and timber construction business. It all started back in 1926, when Josef Rubner Sr. built the first water-powered saw mill in Chienes, thus laying the foundations for an impressive company history …

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