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Cork as insulating material

Natural and sustainable

of cork

Natural and environmentally- friendly

Completely natural

The raw material cork is processed into pressed corkboard without using any artificial adhesives. The resin that it naturally contains is enough to act as a “glue”.

Durable and recyclable

Cork is one of the most durable materials and is 100% recyclable. Cork of course also binds the greenhouse gas CO2 – and even does this repeatedly through multiple harvests in the life of one tree.

Excellent heat insulation values

Cork is a poor heat conductor and therefore an ideal insulating material thanks to its composition. This saves you heating costs and energy


Cork is very light and flexible, has no diffusion barrier, is able to withstand pressure, and is also dimensionally- stable, decay-resistant and weather-resistant. It is earthquake resistant and impervious to water- and to many acids and other substances.


Cork is also not combustible even in extreme heat as a result of its thermal inertia. No harmful gases escape.

Sound insulation

Cork is able to absorb loud noises perfectly and therefore provides ideal sound insulation values.

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