Wood as a construction material

From trunk to dream house


Our passion

As a fourth-generation family business, it is very important for us to know where the wood and other materials used in our Rubner Haus come from. This is why we have established a value chain over the course of our company’s 90 year history, which allows us to control every step on the way to building your dream home, from the wood as the raw material through to the finishing touches on your home.

The wood that we use comes from our own forest in Mezzaselva near Bressanone in South Tyrol and from certified Alpine forests. We cut the wood at our own sawmills in South Tyrol, East Tyrol and Styria in accordance with the highest quality standards and then process it further in the companies within the Rubner Group.

Benefits of using wood as a construction material

We live out our passion for wood

CO2 storage

Save the environment. One cubic metre of wood takes one tonne of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Anyone who builds with wood stores the carbon in their house and thereby protects nature.

Renewable material

Wood regrows in greater quantities than those needed. One cubic metre of wood grows every second. This is the amount per day needed for 2,160 houses.


Build for the future. Wood lasts for decades if not centuries with the right processing and selection, as can be seen in numerous old farms and other wood-framed buildings.

A natural insulating material

Wood consists of cells that are filled with air. This makes wood a natural and very effective insulating material as the heat doesn’t come in during the summer and doesn’t get out during winter.

Pleasant indoor climate

Wood creates an instant pleasant atmosphere with its natural warmth and scent. A wood home provides high levels of living comfort, meaning that you feel extremely comfortable at home.

Design freedom

Anything is possible! Rubner Haus makes your dream home a reality, entirely in line with your architect’s designs - we will tailor your dream house to suit you, whether you are looking for a traditional or modern, for a luxury or detached house.

Best environmental solution: wood

Wood for climate protection

Wood  grows in nature and therefore only needs light, water and air to grow. As a tree grows it removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen. And wood is also less CO2-intensive than steel or concrete for instance during finishing. Wood products therefore have a positive carbon footprint, whereas other construction materials feature a negative carbon footprint when produced and processed.